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Luxury Auto Detailing in New York City

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Premium Care for Luxury Vehicles

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Lamborghini Auto Detailing

At JaysMobileSpa, we understand how to use effective techniques and appropriate detailing products to properly care for your luxury vehicle. We are trained and educated on the strategies and methods used along with high-quality auto detailing products to retain the beauty of your high-end vehicle. We offer detailing services for luxury vehicles in and around New York City.

When you purchase a new luxury vehicle, you are always very cautious the condition and any damages. JaysMobileSpa assists our clients in being proactive towards protecting their vehicle's condition. We offer a variety of luxury auto detailing services as well as ceramic coating for long-lasting paint protection.

Why Choose JaysMobileSpa?

We Give Your Luxury Vehicle the Enhanced Look


If you're driving a luxury vehicle, it should be looking at its best. We're equipped, experienced, and confident that your high-end investment will always have its showroom look.


We use the best techniques and the highest quality products on the market to deliver substantial results to a vehicle that is already expected to turn heads.


JaysMobileSpa offers membership plans so that you can routinely have your luxury vehicle cared for, keeping the looks at the highest standard from inside to out.

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