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Paint Correction in New York City

Restore Your Paint to a Shiny New Look

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Paint Correction Services

JaysMobileSpa Has the Solution

Bentley Paint Correction and Detailing - JaysMobileSpa

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The experts in paint correction, scratch & swirl removal, and oxidation removal. JaysMobileSpa has the expertise needed to guarantee a high-quality paint correction service where you see actual results. We strive for the absolute best outcome and won't settle for less.

If you are in New York City or surrounding areas, we have you covered on your paint correction needs. We'll bring the solutions to you, and leave with your vehicle's paint looking completely brand new with a mirror finish.

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Paint correction is needed if your vehicle's clear coat/paint have been damaged from road hazards or other incidents. By putting together our expertise and using professional industry-leading tools and products, we correct these damages making look as if they never occurred.

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