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Vinyl Vehicle Wraps & Color Change

Customize the Look of Your Vehicle

Vinyl car wraps are the new era of changing the overall look of your vehicle. From chrome delete to full color changes, this is a choice you can make for your prized possession with quick-turnaround and the option to always go back or change colors. Since it is a wrap, you don't have to worry about a paint job that takes and lasts forever. JaysMobileSpa is a premier vinyl wrap installer throughout New York City and Westchester County, New York. We use Avery, one of the leading vinyl film companies in the entire industry.

Vinyl Car Wrap New York City

JaysMobileSpa Vinyl Wrap Options

Service Price
Chrome Delete $299.99
Full Wraps $2499.99
Calipers $349.99
Taillights $149.99
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Full Wraps Include a Free Coating

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Vinyl Wrap Examples

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