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New York City Window Tinting

Window Tinting New York City

ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film

Essential for Luxury Vehicles and Vehicles with ADAS Technology

Starting at $499.99

Window tinting is more important for your vehicle than just looks. Keeping the sunlight and UV rays from getting through your glass as they normally would reduces your chances of your skin being affected (such as skin cancer).

ClearPlex Info

Why Tint Your Windows?


Not only do you protect yourself, you also maintain the value of your vehicle by blocking out sunlight and having quality film with enhanced protection characteristics.


JaysMobileSpa uses an industry-leading line of window tint and windshield protection products to provide your vehicle with the maximum benefit and quality of tinting your windows.


Protect your glass from road debris that can damage unprotected glass, have optically clear, invisible windshield protection, and a ton more benefits with ClearPlex.

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